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My name is Michelle Holstein. This year I celebrated my 42nd wedding anniversary with John Holstein. We live in Midwest Iowa and have three adult children. Towards the end of 2018, I became very sick, and I didn’t know if my health would improve. I thought,

“If I have anything to say in life, I had better say it now!”

Thus began my journey of encouraging Christ-followers to love God first and then to deal with the ups and downs of life.


Abba Father

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

Almighty God

by Michelle|Artist & Accopaniast: Amy Pottorff

Altogether Beautiful

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

Bring Revival

by Michelle|Artist: Stephanie Nutt & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

Mercy Gave

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

No God Besides Thee

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

They Are Worthy

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

Your Creation Never Fails

by Michelle|Artist & Accompanist: Amy Pottorff

My Story

I live in rural Iowa and enjoy the simple things in life. As a student of the Word of God, I am passionate about how God Almighty has faithfully revealed Himself to mankind. I so enjoy learning about the character of God. Because of trials in my life, I have found solace and comfort in the presence of God and know that He is my answer in any situation.

My husband John and I have three adult children and five grandchildren. When I’m not writing, I love spending time with our family!

As an exhorter, I endeavor to share my victories with others. I love to write and have found the study of the character of God amazing. While reading through Psalms I saw these words, “Sing a new song” and began in childlike faith to write songs and to ask the Lord for the melody. I shared the chords with our daughter who finished the songs, then played, sang and recorded them. A few of the latest songs were sung by others as she played.

Michelle Holstein


Thank you, Michelle Holstein for ALL your books the Holy Spirit has inspired you to write.

I have purchased several copies of each book and have given them as gifts where God directs. In addition to God’s Word, I meditate on 10 minutes of readings from the books Michelle has written. Knowing the character of God through Michelle’s teachings will remind you that God is for you, His Spirit lives within you and that His favor and presence is upon you and never leaves you.

In Michelle’s books she writes about God’s perfect character and God’s Word that is flawless by sharing personal trials and challenges that come at us from all sides. JoDi Christofferson 


Thank you for sharing your book with us. All that God created was designed to solve a problem. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. People give off carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. All of God’s creation is designed to solve a problem. People are not different. You have just displayed yours in your book. One day we will all stand before God and give an account of how well we managed the early inheritance that he entrusted to us. Your book presents your life story. If people read your book and the Scriptures you’ve put in it, they can have many of their problems solved. Tom Sooter